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Ssangyong Motor’s 58 years is a history of frontiers and challenges for a better future. As a premier manufacturer in Korea’s automotive industry, Ssangyong is loved for its advanced style and outstanding performance since its foundation in 1954, which are made possible by the company’s elaborate workmanship.



The company opened the era of four-wheel drive vehicles in the 1980s by independently developing Musso and Korando. After 2000, Ssangyong established itself as the leader of SUVs by building a full line up of SUVs consisting of Rexton, Korando, Korando Sports, and Korando Turismo.


Also, Chairman, which has become the nation’s leading brand by opening a new horizon for the luxury sedan market, is has been upgraded to the name of as Chariman W, a world-class luxury sedan. As Korea’s first luxury vehicle that is equipped with a V8 5,000 cc engine as well as a 7-speed automatic transmission, Chairman W is the nation’s flagship sedan that competes with other leading luxury cars around the world.


Moreover, eco-friendly compact SUV Korando C is Ssangyong Motor’s first front wheel drive monocoque type vehicle that is a milestone for the company’s long-term product line-up and will succeed Korando, Korea’s longest living car brand in global SUV market.


Ssangyong Motor has led the advancement of eco-friendly diesel technology through the development of an advanced, world-class common rail engine. Recently, the company is concentrating efforts in strengthening its global competitive edge by producing environment-friendly, small eXDi200 engines that conform to the EURO5 standards. The company has also set off to develop a future engine that is in compliance with the EURO6.


By implementing global and customer-oriented management, Ssangyong Motor is expanding its presence in the global arena. The motor company exports various SUVs through 1,250 sales networks in over 96 countries. Ssangyong is actively entering the global market by establishing local bases in major markets overseas. For instance, the company has opened local head offices and parts centers in Europe– a region that leads the global automobile trend.


To secure growth engine for sustainable growth, Ssangyong Motor will not only focus on the matured markets but also develop emerging markets such as Central America and East Europe and even target India and China, the world’s largest automobile market.


Pursuing only the best, Ssangyong Motor is gathering its efforts to develop new designs and technologies that can achieve high driving performance and reflect the company’s true identity.


Moreover, by fully capitalizing on its strong SUV product lineup, SYMC will be able to strengthen its position as a competitive SUV maker in technical cooperation with Mahindra & Mahindra, a company whose flagship product is also the SUV.